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At BIM Theory, our mission is to unlock the full potential of pre-construction to ensure that design is never the bottleneck in the construction process.

For years, we've watched BIM services play the role of a simple insurance policy when it has potential to be a powerful construction aid.

We think beyond a clash-free model to deliver a product that saves you time, money, and headaches in the field.


BIM Theory is a East Coast Based BIM consultancy that specializes in the customization, management, and implementation of design tools for the AEC industry.



Our team brings years of BIM modeling, CAD drafting, Laser Scanning and BIM Management Consulting expertise to the table with experience in a broad range of project types, technologies, tools and industry requirements. 



We focus on what matters: Delivering hands-on client support with a focus on quality control, our BIM Coordinators offer real-time access and seamless integration with your standards. We thrive on process innovation, constantly working to improve the process to tap into the full potential of BIM throughout the construction lifecycle. 




Nate Efron


Nate manages our BIM Services. His wide breadth of experience positions him well to help solve the needs of the AEC/O community. He started on the design side; graduating as a Civil Engineer and working in Design-Development. He went on to launch his own Finance Firm, exposing him to the contract management and strategy side of the AEC industry. Simultaneously he worked in BIM Management, gaining perspective on the interdisciplinary process side of pre-construction. His unique background provides a new perspective on the BIM industry where he hopes to help drive contract innovation and structural labor savings.