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Share the design files and we'll turn around a quote within 12 hours.

Pricing is transparently based on the number of unique sheets we expect to be necessary.


Our team will scale up instantly to provide drafting and design-development services. Our team can handle projects of any size.

We create precise 2D plans, details and notes to your drafting standard.

[  Transparent land development drafting pricing ranging from $150-300 / sheet with a process overseen by an engineer ensures that you get the most precise & cost effective drafting services possible.  ]


Share the design files, and your scope requirements and our project coordinator will turn around a quote & schedule same day.

Pricing is transparently based on the number of unique sheets we expect to be necessary and is inclusive of any revisions per the engineer's comments.


We perform our robust internal audit and QA process to ensure that ach and every aspect of the drawings is precisely as designed. All plans are beautiful, clear, easy to read and execute.

Lastly, we turn them over to the engineer for sign-off.

Our Nationwide civil, survey & landscape drafting service delivers lighting fast and precise drawings from concept through permitting and construction documents for projects of any size. Our expert team works on your standard whether you're a civil engineer, landscape architect, surveyor or general contractor.

  • Site Construction Plans

  • Grading Plans

  • Site Utility Plans

  • Erosion & Sediment Control Plans

  • Survey Plats

  • Site Demolition Plans

  • Civil 3D Drafting Services

  • Infraworks Consulting

  • AutoCAD Drafting Service

  • Site Laser Scanning & Modeling

  • 3D Toposurface Modeling

  • Civil BIM Coordination Services










At BIM Theory, our mission is to unlock the full potential of design to ensure that design is never the bottleneck in the construction process. For years, we've watched BIM play the role of a simple insurance policy when it has potential to be a powerful construction aid.

We think beyond a clash-free model to deliver a product that saves you time, money, and headaches in the field. 

BIM Theory is a Chicago-based consultancy that specializes in the customization, management, and implementation of design tools for the AEC industry. Our team brings years of BIM modeling, CAD drafting, laser scanning and consulting expertise to the table with experience in a broad range of project types, technologies, tools and industry requirements. 

We focus on what matters: Delivering hands-on client support with a focus on quality control, real-time access and seamless integration with your standards. We thrive on process innovation, constantly working to improve the process to tap into the full potential of BIM throughout the construction lifecycle. 

Project Capabilities

  • Large scale Industrial Site Concept Plan

  • Low cost using public record survey information

  • Iterative design of dozens of options to accommodate different field and political conditions.

  • Cut/Fill analysis

  • Grading & stormwater management concepts

  • Landscape architecture for municipal park

  • Full CD production inclusive of Demolition, Grading & Drainage, utility, Construction & Erosion Control plans

  • Townhouse Multi-Family Development Plan

  • Inclusive of full zoning & compliance review

  • Coupled with our architectural services to provide proposed floorplans, elevations & isometric renderings.