Pre-Fab for MEPF Subs

Prefabrication in the construction industry is on a hot growth trajectory, expected to surpass $200B in market cap over the next 16 months.

MEPF subs get to work with highly modular components on their projects but often suffer from having to assemble them in suboptimal conditions (such as 50 stories in the air before the windows are installed on a Chicago skyscraper!)

Pipe Spools
There's Nothing More Beautiful That a Well Laid Pipe {spool}

MEP prefabrication promises to ability to fabricate off site and save on labor and materials in the field. This promise is built on a foundation laid by BIM (Building Information Modeling). LOD400 BIM can deliver precise, fabrication quality models that are coordinated during pre-construction so that they can be turned into spool drawings and prefabricated in your highly controlled facility before being shipped to the work site for installation.

A.) The contract 2D design documents are converted to a 3D model.

B.) The equipment, parts and fittings are placed in the model. We have access to the largest library of fabrication quality BIM models.

C.) The model is coordinated with trades during pre-construction & signed-off as clash free.

D.) We then split the model into spools and produce simple, visual shop drawings that have all parts labeled to size and orientation. We also produce a comprehensive Quantity Take-Off (QTO) at this stage.

E.) You can now procure parts and use our shop drawings to assemble spools in your facility.

F.) Finally you can deliver spools and equipment to the job site and use our provided installation drawings to lift spools into place, precisely where they need to be without issue!

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